Get $1,000's Toward your New Home!

Whether you want to upgrade your new  home or simply put cash in your pocket, New Home Fox.has a program for you. Our award-winning affiliate agents can offer you benefits you won't find elsewhere, including a full-service, zero-commision sale of your existing home. And the sale of your home can be guaranteed!


Let the Fox be your Guide

Buyer Rebate Program

New Construction

Existing/Resale Homes

Mortgage Info

Finding the Perfect Home

An experienced Buyer's Agent can make buying a home maximally productive and minimally time consuming. Listening is the key. It's all about helping you find the perfect home for your family. Your needs come first. Once you find the home of your dreams, negotiating the best price and terms is only part of what a New Home Fox member agent offers.

New Home Fox Advantage Buying Service

Simply tell us the city, zip code or subdivision where you'd like to find your new home and we'll go to work to find the home of your dreams. Inventory is currently low in many desirable neighborhoods but we'll find you homes that haven't yet hit the market!

Getting Paid to Buy Makes it Even Better

Our member agents actually pay you for the privilege of representing you on the purchase of your new home. Builders are happy to pay commissions to experienced Realtors who represent buyers in their communities.  Builders know that an experienced Realtor will help guide the buyer through the process towards a successful transaction.  Buyers who are unrepresented by a Realtor typically do not receive any savings when buying new construction.  However, if you use a New Home Fox member Realtor you will receive a cash rebate at settlement. And this rebate applies to the purchase of existing/resale homes as well! See chart for sliding scale.

Use a New Home Fox member Realtor and you will receive a rebate of up to 30% of the commission your Realtor is paid by the seller at closing on your new home! See sliding scale examples below.

New Home Fox member Realtor's have agreed to give the following rebates to buyers. These rebates come from the buyer side commission being offered by a seller at closing. Realtor representing buyer will assign and instruct Title company to pay the rebate to buyer or towards buyer's closing costs at time of settlement.  These rebates are based on a minimum buyer side commission of 2.5%.  If commission percentage being offered by seller is less than 2.5% rebate may vary.

         $100,000 - $500,000

      $501,000 - $1,000,000

 $1,001,000 - $2,000,0000

            above $2,000,000

=  15% of buyer representation commission paid by seller at closing.

=  20% of buyer representation commission paid by seller at closing.

=  25% of buyer representation commission paid by seller at closing.

=  30% of buyer representation commission paid by seller at closing.

[1]  Our refund is subject to lender approval, and there may be restrictions with VA or FHA loans. Your refund cannot be used as part of your down payment or to meet the capital reserve requirements of your loan program.

[2]  Short sales are subject to a minimum commission of $6,000.

[3]  Subject to lender approval and a minimum commission of $2,500.

Benefits of Buying New Construction

1.  Built to the latest codes and standards

2.  Energy efficient

3.  The ability to customize during the construction phase - regarding finishes, appliances additional bump-outs, finished basement etc.

4.  Cost less to maintain - Because everything is new, no replacement of appliances, HVAC, roof etc. for many years

5.  Warranty from builder

Things to consider

Check the builders track record.  How is there record with scheduling and completion? How are they when it comes to making good on warranty of defective material/labor?  There are a couple of good ways to do this.  One is to go online and search for reviews. Another is to walk the community you are interested in and talk to current residents.


It's important to use a buyers agent. Builders typically have a company salesperson on site: This salesperson works for the builder and is looking out for his employer's best interest, not yours. Most builders - especially when they are large, publicly traded companies - will not discount for buyers who are unrepresented by an agent. New Home Fox member Realtors will pass a portion of their commission on to you, which can be used for builder upgrades or closing costs.  Having a professional with you on the first meeting will help to negate certain pricing issues that are typical for new construction.  Often builders will increase prices as inventory sells. A professional will ask the right questions in the first meeting, to clarify all such issues from the beginning. Also, your Realtor's experience and contacts will facilitate your due diligence regarding the builders track record.

Benefits of Buying Existing/Resale vs New Construction





Neighborhood charm. Mature neighborhoods will often have more charm and culture than new construction developments.

Prices will typically be lower and more negotiable than new construction - you will not have to pay extra for features such as recessed lighting, ceiling fans, hardwood floors, etc.

Shorter move-in time. Unless you buy an already-finished-home in the builders inventory, you will typically have a much shorter cycle from start to settlement with an existing/resale home.

Things to consider

Although both the home and neighborhood may exude more charm, the home will typically require more renovation and maintenance, and It will probably not be as energy efficient. Bottom line: it will likely cost more to operate. On the other hand, one way to solve this problem is to use a New Home Fox member Realtor as your buyer agent, and use your rebate towards energy efficient improvements.



    Buying a new home is exciting! It can also be a little scary, especially if you are a first time homebuyer. A mortgage professional will make it easier by explaining all the options and walking you through the process, step by step. By taking a look at the big picture, they can help you choose a mortgage – the right mortgage – so as a first time homeowner you can buy the home you want. Regardless of your level of experience when it comes to the home buying process, a mortgage professional can be extremely helpful every step of the way.


    Being pre-qualified by a lender gives you the confidence to shop for a new house, knowing exactly how much you can afford and can help you avoid looking at properties that don't fit your budget. The pre-qualification helps you know exactly what is possible right from the start. In fact, most realtors expect you to be pre-qualified.

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New Home Fox Advantage

Zero Commission Program

Guaranteed Sale Program

Your New Home Fox member Realtor will come to your home, evaluate your property for price and marketability, listen to your goals and objectives and put together a plan to market and sell your home at the highest price possible within your desired time frame.

Advertising and Marketing

Professional quality digitally enhanced photos

New Home Fox member agents will advertise your home through MRIS and their syndicated network that reaches thousands of top real estate websites including Trulia and Zillow, local media outlets such as the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun, and every broker website including RE/MAX, Century 21 and Coldwell Banker.

This makes a great difference in how buyers perceive your home when searching online.

Find out what your home is worth

Fill out our contact form and a New Home Fox member Realtor will give you a free market consultation.

Plus you'll get the New Home Fox Marketing Advantage

Is Your Home a Showcase Property?

Through our proprietary networking program we reach out to tens of thousands of  Realtors, Bankers, mortgage brokers, lawyers, financial planners, human resource departments of large local companies and others to highlight our New Home Fox member listings.

If you have a home in immaculate condition in a great location, it may qualify for a New Home Fox showcase listing. Many buyers who visit our site intending to buy new construction end up buying an existing, resale home. Your showcase home can be highlighted at our site. When a buyer searches new construction in your area, your home will be presented as an available, showcase home.

To sell at the highest price in the shortest amount of time there are several key steps:


The home should be in immaculate shape - de-cluttered and staged


Marketing Plan

Great Photos

Professional Negotiation

Pricing Strategy

Attention to detail from start to finish





If you use a New Home Fox member agent to list your home as well as purchase your new home, find out how you can save the entire listing side commission on the sale.

For instance: If your home sells for $500,000 and you are offering 5% total commission - 2.5% commission on the listing side and 2.5% on the buying side - you will save the entire 2.5% on the listing side.  You will pay zero listing commission* to sell your home.  In this example you will save $12,500 as long as you purchase a home within 90 days at a minimum purchase price of $250,000.  If your new home purchase is less than $250,000 a sliding scale will apply.


Seller's existing home sells for $500,000 x 2.5% listing commission = $12,500

Seller buys a new home for $300,000 x 3% buyer broker commission = $9,000

New Home Fox affiliate Realtor/broker will be paid $6,250 at settlement of sellers existing home, and will rebate $6,250 at settlement of sellers new purchase, and will retain the overage of $2,750

* This program is based on an average 2.5% listing side commission. There is a $6,250 minimum buyer side commission, which will be paid to buyer broker at the time of settlement of seller's existing home.  If the buyer side commission of the new home purchase exceeds the $6,250 minimum, the seller will receive a dollar for dollar rebate up to the $6,250 paid to buyer broker at settlement. Anything over this amount will be retained by buyer broker.


Absolute Auctions Maximize Values

Live, absolute auctions - where assets are sold to the highest bidder regardless of price - provide numerous advantages to sellers, among which are maximization of price and the upfront knowledge of a sale being consummated on a certain date.

Absolute Auction Advantages derive from the following factors:

The prospect of buying a home at a bargain is an overwhelming lure to bidders: The knowledge that if you show up and bid YOUR price – not the seller’s price – and no other bidder bids higher, you are guaranteed to buy the property at your price. Simply put, more people attend absolute auctions than other auctions because of these factors.


In reality, the more bidders there are, the more aggressive the bidding, and the more aggressive the bidding, the higher the price.  In stable to rising markets the heat of competition can often drive prices up beyond expectations.


We overcome risk by guaranteeing a contract in 45 days while assuring a minimum price. FRA/GAAP Provides the Best of All Worlds – Through this unique program, sellers get the benefit of maximizing value prospects through the absolute auction method, with protection against lowball bidding.


Call Now for More Information @ 443.722.2320 or Contact Us online.

About is a one-of-a kind, buyer's concierge service provided by veteran real estate marketing professionals. But unlike most such comprehensive services, we pay you for the privilege of your business. Our slogan is, "We're Number Two because our clients are Number One."

The Founders
Bill Fox

BILL FOX is known throughout the world as a leading force in the auction industry. Before launching Fox Residential Auctions, he co-founded and was chairman of GoIndustry-DoveBid, plc, a publicly owned company listed on the London Stock Exchange and the parent company of Baltimore-based Michael Fox International, Inc., one of the nation’s largest real estate and machinery auction companies.


A sought after speaker at auction and real estate industry association meetings, Fox served on the teaching faculty of the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) program at Indiana University for over 20 years. He is a charter member of the CAI, a past member of the Board of Directors of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA), a past president and chairman of the Board of the Auction Marketing Institute, a past president of the Auctioneers Association of Maryland, and a past chairman of the Board of Trustees of the NAA Education Institute. Bill is a co-author of the book, SOLD! The Professional’s Guide to Real Estate Auctions, and has published numerous articles on the auction method of marketing. In 2007 he was inducted into the National Auctioneers Hall of Fame in Kansas City, MO.

John William Mabry III

JOHN MABRY oversees project management and is responsible for day-to-day operations and general management of Fox Residential Auctions. A licensed auctioneer, Mabry joined FRA after spending two years as founder and president of Synergy Auctions, LLC, which auctioned multi-unit residential buildings. Prior to that, he founded and spent five years as president of Apex Properties Corporation, a real estate acquisition and development company. After graduating from the United States Naval Academy, Mabry served as a Naval Officer and as a Naval Academy instructor. He also earned an MBA from the University of Maryland.

Jerry Silverman

Jerry Silverman is a licensed RE/MAX Realtor in Maryland and Washington, DC.  Since 2001 he's sold over $200,000,000 of residential real estate and has been honored multiple times with the RE/MAX Platinum award. He is a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame.


During the period 1994-2000, he was a founding partner and managing director of ACS Sports, which produced television and web content and sold advertising and sponsorships for the sports and entertainment industries. Jerry personally developed strategic relationships and joint ventures with more than thirty professional sports teams and leagues, including the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Baltimore Orioles, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, MLB, NBA, the Women’s’ Tennis Association, NBC, the MSG Network, Comcast SportsNet and CBS Radio. In partnership with these sports and media organizations, he created precedent-setting advertising and marketing deals with Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon and Microsoft.






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